Thanks God for Squats and a killer attitude!

The road to recovery!

The road to recovery!

Just like my fellow Flux athletes, I know that injuries are part of the game when you do a sport, especially when it is a higher risk sport. Fortunately, I had never been seriously injured. A lot of close calls, but nothing serious until 3 weeks ago: I went kiteboarding in a new spot in Quebec and I was really happy to go ride and discover that the conditions can also be good back in my homeland. Just to put you in situation: I was living in one of the top places for kiteboarding and was traveling for the last 4-5 years, and I was forced to move back to Canada when my work permit got denied in the spring. Needless to say I was pretty discouraged, and it was a hard mentally as well, but I tried my best to discover the good riding spots around Montreal, my new home.

I was getting to a point where things started to be motivating again. I went riding and had good sessions wakeboarding at the cable, and even a really good kiting day. Back to three weeks ago, where I was riding in a new spot, half way between Montreal and Ottawa… and where a new challenge awaited me.

I knew it was shallow everywhere. I was actually being very careful and very conservative: I didn’t want to try new tricks in knee to thigh deep water! Unfortunately, there was a sand bank I didn’t see and that took me very much by surprise… The physics of it are simple: when a body travels at good speed, if a part (let’s say, the feet and board) of that same body comes to an abrupt stop due to an encounter with a damp patch of sand, the rest keeps its momentum but takes a different path. In this case, it was shoulder to sand, followed by a few tumbles and summersaults.

A big “crack” noise later, I find myself lying on my stomach, whining and holding my shoulder. The thing is, when you are a big chicken like me (please refer to, after a crash, the first thing you have to do is ask yourself: ok, does it REALLY hurt, or were you just scared?

In this case, I gave myself the right to cry and to wait for help. After nearly passing out many times from the pain, I managed to walk back to where an ambulance was going to pick me up. By the way, I cannot thank Brian Smith enough for all the help and support he gave me in this adventure!

There are two types of Pain in this world: Pain that hurts you, and Pain that changes you!  - Unknown

Diagnostic:  broken collarbone, with a 5 cm (2 in.) overlap.

Now begins the fun part. This was three weeks ago and one of the most challenging things has been not to be able to work out. Not at all, for 2 weeks, aside for doing squats. In the last week, I was able to do small 20 min on my bike, set up indoors on a roller. And squats, many many squats!  I have to admit, I cried of joy the first time I got off my bike. Seriously!

Slowing yourself down is extremely difficult: when you are an athlete and you find yourself not being able to walk for more than 15 minutes at the time, it’s a big hit on the mind and learning to deal with it is quite the challenge! I guess it teaches me to really stop sometimes, as I often have to lay on my back on the floor to relax my shoulder’s muscles. But for now, I believe the recovery is going well, and I keep trying to find ways to move more and more every day. Hopefully my season isn’t completely done and I will be able to enjoy the fall season in Quebec!

Focusing on what I need to do to get back out there!

Focusing on what I need to do to get back out there!

See you out there,



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