Holiday Gifts for your Lady Shredder

Christmas_Tree_by_think0What do you possibly get for that lady shredder?  Whether the shred queen is a friend, family member, girlfriend, wife or mom . . . what do you get someone who plays hard?
The FLUX ladies put their heads together to organize “The Perfect Christmas List for the adventurous gal”.  Here’s what we came up with:

1.  FLUX gifts – Take us along on your adventures through 2014!!!!!

2014 FLUX calendar months.

2014 FLUX calendar months.

Not all these colors are available.  Please see color options below.

Not all these colors are available. Please see color options below.

Headwear:  Beanies, Headbands  –  $15-30

2014 FLUX Inspirational Calendar –  $19.99  These calendars include all the ladies of FLUX doing what they live to do.  Plus, you get an inspirational quote on each calendar month, picked by the athlete, which motivates them to keep pushing.

*  With any purchase now through December 23rd you will get a FREE FLUX sticker.  10% of all proceeds in 2014 will go to an organization that supports women/girls to be outside (this organization will be voted on in Dec. 2013).

2.  Jati Onepiece Suit from Colorado Kayak Supply – This is the PERFECT before and after sport attire.  I’d pretty much wear this thing anywhere.  Comfy for camping, lounging around the house, waiting for your shuttle ride . . . ANYWHERE!  This is definitely on my Christmas list for this year (we’ll see if I get one).  My color of choice would be the Cotton Candy.  $109

jati-cotton-candy-suit3.  Mary Kay – Sounds silly, but honestly your lady shredder wants to feel like a lady, too!  Sometimes, doing our hair, make-up, nails and putting on heels is exactly what we want after charging hard.  One of my favorites are the Vanilla Sugar Satin Hands and lip gloss.  Satin hands and shiny lips . . . YES PLEASE! Between $14 – 34


4.  Joshua Tree Skin Care – Give your lady shredder some relief from the elements. From salve that heals cracked lips and finger splits overnight to Recovery lotion loaded with Arnica to soothe aching muscles after a long day, to Face-sticks (Sun stick, Winter stick-SPF), and Lip-sticks (Ginger bread, Lavender, Mountain Mint, etc), JTree has your lady covered with essential Skin Care products. All products are organic.  Remember we’re tough, but we also want to be feminine. Various prices.

kim5.  Mittens –  Keep your lady’s hands warm and cozy with a new pair of crochet gloves, fingerless mittens, or convertible mittens- you can’t go wrong! Match her wardrobe or go fun and bright! One of our favorites is Etsy.  $30-40


6.  Puffy Coat – Here, you will be spending a few bucks.  However, your lady will look great, be warm, happy, and provide cushion when she snuggles up to you.  Every hug you get will feel awesome!  There are tons of brands out there, just pick one that you find in her favorite color.  $100- 250


7.  Skhoop Skirts – Down skirts for every lady who wants to play outside in the Winter.  Not only do they keep your butt warm but they are very functional with zippers up the sides so you can move and really cute too! Use it climbing a mountain, skiing, or running around town.  “It’s like keeping a blanket wrapped around you all day.”  $70-200

skhoop8.  Women’s Adventure Magazine – Adventures, health, gear, contests, gift guides, etc can be found in every issue of WAM.  Get your female shredder a subscription to one of the top magazines that inspire and motivate . . . Every lady loves to indulge in a good read that might give them ideas for their next adventure.  $16 for a year

wam9.  Warm winter hats – Every lady who enjoys being outdoors LOVES cool, stylish, warm hats.  Your adventurous lady loves wearing hats because that means not having to do their hair AND loves a variety of hats so she can wear one for every occasion.  So, besides the FLUX headwear, we love Stache EightySix and Coal hats.  Get her a hat for every day of the week.  $20-60


10.  Midland XTC Action Camera – EVERYONE loves to see themselves on the screen.  Buy your shredder a ‘point of view’ camera so she can record all of her action.  Who doesn’t like to be a star?  The FLUX athletes all use the Midland Action Camera for their climbing, kayaking, kite boarding, skiing, snowboarding, mt biking and surfing adventures.  Comes with a variety of mounts.  $99 – 219

midlandhhWell, whatever you decide to get the female adventurer in your life for the Holidays, I’m sure she’ll love it!  We just hope our list makes it easier to get that PERFECT gift.

Happy Holidays from FLUX

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